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Nipple Vasospasm, through pregnancy and beyond

While pregnant with my son I suffered terribly with Nipple vasospasm, which at times, was so painful, I was left in tears. I quickly worked out that the warm heat rising from our small fire brought fast relief and so throughout my pregnancy, I could be found kneeling in front of the fire, my top stretched out to catch the warm air.

I assumed that once my son was born and no longer breast feeding, the problem would go away, but I was very wrong.

My son is now five years old and I still suffer from nipple Vasospasm, in fact have had it both today and yesterday, pretty badly, my treatment now is in the form on a microwave teddy, which I warm up and then cuddle to my chest, for quick relief, but although I have searched hard for information as to why this has continued so long, all I can find is information related to nipple vasospasm when breastfeeding or pregnant.

Nipple vasospasm is where the tip of the nipple changes colour, in my case to white, and in some cases, such as mine, causes extreme pain, in and around the nipple, it occurs in cold weather mostly, and is caused by blood vessel’s constricting or tightening. It can also occur in fingers, although I’ve never experienced it in my fingers personally.

What I would like to know is if there is anything you can do to prevent nipple vasospasm in the future, besides wearing extra layers? Which, quite frankly, has never worked for me.

Love and hugs

Jossie Marie

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Snow, once so loved and now just loathed

I woke up this morning to see that large areas of the UK had been hit with snow, thankfully it hasn’t hit us yet, but I am dreading the moment it does. Last year the snow saw us stuck in the village, as the local council failed to clear the lanes, and with only one, very small shop in our village, we were all worried we’d run out of food. Although I believe the council is more prepared this year, I suspect out little village in the middle of nowhere will still be an afterthought.

Using a Mobility scooter to get about, there are added fears for me, as only having got my scooter a few months ago, I have no idea how it will cope with the snow, and worry that it won’t be able to get up the big hill that we live at the bottom of. So each day I panic that the snow might start to fall while my son is at school and I’ll be left unable to get up to the bus stop.

Thankfully, one of the mum’s has assured me that should I ever not be there, she’ll walk him down, but still the idea of not being able to get to my son is an awful one.

It is so bitterly cold here at the moment that every trip to the bus is a freeze fest, not helped by the fact that my thick winter coat is lacking a zip at the moment, something I have yet to get fixed. I miss the days when snow was a joy and nothing but fun. I never for a moment thought I would hate it. I guess we don’t realise as kids how much of a pain it can be.

Still, like most things in life you just have to get on with it. Last year my husband found entertainment in the snow while working, and was sledding on wooden pallets with his colleagues, after his boss, so determined that Dan not miss a day, due to the snow, towed Dan’s work van up the hill  and through the lanes into town, with his four by four, although I think, with how long it took his boss to get through to our village from the nearby town of Bude, and the time it took for them to get the van out, the day was pretty much gone by the time they got to Bude.

It did however help clear the roads a bit for others, which meant more people with four by fours or bigger vehicles were able to escape the village and get supplies, and Dan was able to bring food back for those who couldn’t get out. He always had neighbours stopping him as he walked to where he had left the van at the bottom of the village, asking him to get them this and that, and wanting to know if the snow had melted any and how clear the road was.

That’s the part of village life I love best, the way everyone pulls together and helps each other, but then I guess that’s a must, considering the councils lack of interest in setting us free, when the weather is bad.

So I’m praying this year the snow stays away or at the very least is not so deep, but only time will tell I guess.

Love and hugs
Jossie Marie xx

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