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School bus blues

I’ve said it before and I expect I will say it again, but kids are getting worse and worse and I honestly believe parents are to blame.
There have always been bullies in schools it’s not a new thing but the numbers of bratty kids is indeed growing and it is getting out of hand.
I would be mortified if my child picked on another and would ensure he knew that it was not acceptable but apparently there are very few parents who feel the same and to many ready excuses for a child with bad behaviour.
My child is suffering at the hands of bullies he is just 5 years old and doesn’t fully understand what is happening.
The school, give them their dues, has tried to correct the problem but it is a losing battle because they are faced with parents who clearly couldn’t care less what their children are up too.
The biggest problems occurred when the bus company that transported our children to and from school was changed the new driver turns a blind eye to everything and is useless.
The school have no say over this it is down to the council and the council are interested in one thing and one thing only saving money not our children’s welfare.
I never expected everyday to be a fight for my child’s well being but that is what it has come to and all because of bratty little kids who have clearly never been taught right from wrong.
When a parent turns around and says don’t look at me he even whacks me, in reference to there own child’s behaviour you wonder what the hell is going on in this world and this is something I have seen time and time again.
Why the hell are parents allowing their children to hit them. The London riots, is it really any wonder things like that occurs when parents clearly have no control over their children?
Maybe it’s time they stopped slapping excuses on kids like oh they can’t help it they have ADD and started slapping the parents with forced courses on parenting especially focusing on dealing with a child’s bad behaviour.
I dread to think what it will be like for generations to come if changes aren’t made now but I’m not going to stand for it. I’ve already been onto the school and the bus company and it will be the council next, if that fails the children are going to be hearing from me personally.
I’m not a happy camper.

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was lost but now am found lol

Well it’s been a while since I was here posting a blog, I know slacking, but I intend to get back on the ball, and start posting regularly, well what’s new with me, I just got an offer from a publisher for my book Insane Reno, however I have declined, and have decided to try for an editor first, as I would prefer having someone on my side who is knowledgeable about the publishing industry. Still having had a publisher wanting to publish my book has given me a big boost of confidence, which is never a bad thing. So I guess it’s a case of watch this space at the moment.

I plan to start doing writing exercises from a book I just purchased and downloaded on my kindle called, your first 1,000 days in writerspark, and will be aiming to do an exercises a day from here and if they are any good, lol, I shall post them up here, thus keeping regular postings going on here.

So hope you are all well, take care cause I care, Joss xx

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Doggy-tastic, come meet my happy hounds :)

Dogs have always been a big part of my life and my family was very much a dog one, meaning of course that we always had at least one dog, not that all my family members were dogs, although that would have made for a very interesting childhood.

When I was born, dogs were already a part of my family and so instantly became a part of mine, my Grandmother in particular was dog mad, and actually bred Chihuahua’s, both long coated and smooth. When she died she left all fifteen f her beloved pets to my mother, who, not all that interested in breeding, and certainly not as passionate about them, as my grandmother had been, decided to re-home all but three of the dog’s to close friend’s and family.

The three she kept, were given to me, and my two sisters, one each, and they were Bunny, who spent most of his life with his tongue stunk out, Kitten, who was considered my Chihuahua and Gizmo.

We had those dog’s for a long time, until my family decided to move from Kent to Cornwall, I was really to young at the time to even remember the dogs, but have seen plenty of pictures and even some videos of them.

Mum say’s that she had planned to bring the dogs with us, when we moved, however, the vet felt Bunny and Kitten, were just too old to make the trip, which seems so strange to me now, after all, it really wasn’t  that long a car journey, just six hour. At any rate, Bunny and Kitten went to live with one of the veterinary nurses at the practice, and I guess, mum not feeling it was right for Kirsty to keep hers, when Tasha and I, had to let ours go, decided to re-home Gizmo too.

However, being the sort of family, that enjoyed having a dog or two, it wasn’t long before a new dog came into our lives, one I would grow from child to teen with and her name was Sweep. She was a beautiful Collie cross, with the sweetest nature ever and she became one of my best friends. You see as my sisters grew, they branched off towards boys and friends, but I always remained more interested in our dog and dogs in general, than anything else, so much so that I walked hundreds of dogs in our local area, and loved every minute of it.

Since then I’ve worked with lots of animals, rescued lots of animals, and been animal mad, but Dog’s will always be the animal which I quite simply could not live without. A home just doesn’t feel like a home, for me, without them.

I currently have three dogs, and I shall introduce them all to you now.

Harley de

Breed: A (are you ready for this lol) Parson’s Jack Russell x Dachshound x Corgi x Dalmation x Border Collie.  There may be more but that’s the ones we know of lol.

As you can see he looks like a black and white Parson Jack Russell, or a Patterdale terrier. all be it with a slightly longer and stockier frame.

Age: 10 years old, 11 Christmas day.

born: Christmas Day, 2000, at 5am.

nicknames: De, De man, Hol’s, Old man, chunky monkey, and sir grumpalot.

likes: squeaky toys, tug rope, ball’s, pretty much any toy to be fair, swimming, chasing pheasants, going for long walks and run’s, tiny bits of wire, which, if he manages to get hold of, he’ll gnaw on for hours, cuddle’s, cuddle’s and more cuddles, and large heaping’s of food.

Dislikes: Men with long hair, anything bigger than him that does not bow down to his supremeness, people daring to move when he is sleeping on or near them, and people who look like me. but don’t sound like me.

Harley, has been with me since the day he was born, before if you count when he was in his mummy’s tummy, his conception was never meant too be, but I’d never change it. His mother, my little girl Tamika, was in season and mum’s Dachshund x Scampy was going loopy for her scent, however, we were sure with careful planning we could keep them safely apart.  We very much underestimated the determination of Weiner dog.

So picture the scene, we’re getting ready to go out, mum hold’s scamp while I bring Tamika downstairs and out to the Garden, it’s a sweltering hot day, so I decide she’ll be more comfortable out there with the door to our concrete shed open, so she can escape from the sun, a few toys, and a large bowl of water. I then go back into the house, open the windows for scamp, but secure the child lock’s, meaning they can only open a few inches, which I’m certain should be enough to let scamp get some nice fresh air, while being no way big enough, for this fat little pooch to squeeze through.  We then head off out, happy that both dog’s are safely separated

A couple of hours later we return, and oh my gosh what a mess, there were ornaments, that once adored the window sill, all over the floor, and deep gouges in the window frame and sill, from scamp’s claws, as well as large clumps of black fur everywhere, and what can I see outside, but one very worn out, but clearly very happy dachshund x, tied with my beautiful little girl and thus Harley was conceived along with his 5 sisters. I learnt a valuable lesson that day, and have never underestimate the desires of a male dog since.

Harley spent his early years, being spoiled rotten, and it was only when my now husband came along that he was unceremoniously knocked down a peg or two, something he was none to pleased about, but which he eventually excepted grudgingly.

Harley is a determined little boy just like his father scampy, who is now almost twenty years old, completely blind and deaf, yet still refuses to admit defeat. I suspect Harley will be just as stubborn, when it comes to his old age, but I’ve removed Harley’s chances of impregnating any little girl’s, having, as I said, learnt my lesson well since witnessing Scampy’s determination on that hot, summers day.

Yet despite his lack of manly bit’s Harley still refuses to hand over his spot at the top of the pack, to our in tack Rottweiler, Hooch. No longer having any little girl’s Hooch has been able to hang onto his manly bit’s, although he’ll have to enjoy them while they last, as now he is getting older, we are planning to have them removed, to protect against the risk of testicular cancer which is common in the breed.

So let’s talk about Hooch…

Breed: Rottweiler

Age: 8

Born: ???

Nicknames: pooch, poochie, hoochie poochie,

Like’s: Carrying teeny, tiny, soft McDonald toy’s round in his mouth, food and lot’s of it, people, especially kids, cuddles, wading in the shallows  while Harley swims out for the toy, toilet roll tube, games of tug of war,sleeping, thinking he’s a lap dog, believing he’s smaller than he truly is, wrestling with daddy, stamping his font feet, howling along to music and sneaking up on the bed for a cuddle with me, when daddy’s not looking.

dislikes: bath’s, being on a diet, long walks, bad weather, Daddy banning him from the bed.

Hooch came to us when he was already five years old, he is a very gentle giant, and not really the brightest dog in the world, but his affectionate nature and clownish ways make up for that fact. He often breaks things, crashes through things and before we blocked the cat flap, got his head stuck a lot too, however he also keep’s us laughing.

People are often afraid because of his huge size and of course breed, but he is really the most gentle natured dog I’ve ever had or met, and a blessing to our family despite his clumsiness. He is also brilliant with the latest addition to our family Ludo.

Breed: Blue Merle Border Collie

Age: 10 week’s old

Born: 8 th of October 2011

Nicknames:  Lu, bumble butt, Lude, puppy, pupzickle,

Likes: cuddles, kisses, playing tug of war, chasing my son back and forward, round and round, eating, sleeping, playing with his big brothers Harley and Hooch, snuggling up with Hooch, squeaky toy’s, and lot’s of attention.

Dislikes: Wind, rain, baths and Hooch’s big old bark.

Ludo was an early Christmas present/ well done for completing NaNoWriMo in just 17 days gift. He is a very cute little pup, who is going to have a very special job when he is bigger, as he’ll be being trained as a service dog, to help me with my disabilities.

He is both a very lively puppy and a very well behaved pup, and has settled into our family really well. I had always wanted a Blue Merle Collie and being very clever dog’s who like lot’s of mental stimulation, we felt it would be just the breed, to help assist me.

He has a lot of training ahead of him, but we hope he’ll enjoy it, which considering his love of food and toy’s which are the main rewards in his training, I’m sure he will.

We named him after Ludo, from the labyrinth.

Just because I love Ludo from the Labyrinth and of course, Ludo Friend.

So there you have it, all three of my beloved pooches, I’d love to hear about your doggy pals.

Love and Hugs

Jossie Marie

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Nipple Vasospasm, through pregnancy and beyond

While pregnant with my son I suffered terribly with Nipple vasospasm, which at times, was so painful, I was left in tears. I quickly worked out that the warm heat rising from our small fire brought fast relief and so throughout my pregnancy, I could be found kneeling in front of the fire, my top stretched out to catch the warm air.

I assumed that once my son was born and no longer breast feeding, the problem would go away, but I was very wrong.

My son is now five years old and I still suffer from nipple Vasospasm, in fact have had it both today and yesterday, pretty badly, my treatment now is in the form on a microwave teddy, which I warm up and then cuddle to my chest, for quick relief, but although I have searched hard for information as to why this has continued so long, all I can find is information related to nipple vasospasm when breastfeeding or pregnant.

Nipple vasospasm is where the tip of the nipple changes colour, in my case to white, and in some cases, such as mine, causes extreme pain, in and around the nipple, it occurs in cold weather mostly, and is caused by blood vessel’s constricting or tightening. It can also occur in fingers, although I’ve never experienced it in my fingers personally.

What I would like to know is if there is anything you can do to prevent nipple vasospasm in the future, besides wearing extra layers? Which, quite frankly, has never worked for me.

Love and hugs

Jossie Marie

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Me, myself and I.

Life can be both complex and messy, with way to many opportunities for making mistakes, but if we’re smart we can use those mistakes and the guidance of others to help us grow.

My own life has been a complex web of mistakes, not all of them my own, but then I suspect, the same can be said of most of us. In trying to get over past hurts and heartaches, I have hurt not only myself, but those closest to me, and yet despite that fact, my life is going pretty well. I have, after all, a loving husband, a beautiful son, and am lucky enough, along with my husband, to own the home, that we live in.

Money at times can be tight, but we make it through as a family, and are fortunate enough to even be able to treat ourselves, every once in a while.

Our priority’s sometimes get a little messed up, and we’re not always as good to each other as we perhaps should be, but we do love each other immensely.

Dan, my husband has been an immense support in my life, allowing me to stay at home and focus on my writing since we were married, which meant, when our son was born I just got a whole lot more responsibility, well we both did. Dan is a rare sort of guy these days, as he has a strong work ethic, and is incredibly loyal to both myself and our son.

Working for a window firm, he is out in all weathers and yet rarely complains, and even when sick, he does his best to stay at work, so that we don’t have to worry about money. I long for the day, when my books start to bring in a steady income, and hope, that should they do well, he’ll be able to take early retirement and enjoy the more laidback life style, I myself have been able to enjoy.

I don’t give Dan the appreciation he deserves as much as I should, and that’s something I hope to fix, I think in life it’s all too easy to be ready to snap, while forgetting to praise and that’s a habit I need to break, because I love my husband to much, to let him spend the rest of his life feeling unappreciated.

Now as my first post, I wanted to let you get to know me, I tend to be quite a deep thinker at times, but this skill often fail’s me when riled up, at which time, the words fly without pause for thought, the result being that I often say things I don’t mean in anger and am frequently full of regret for my actions. I am however, a very affectionate person, well when not riled, and love a good cuddle. I can also be a very good listener, and love helping my friends with their problems, something I must be pretty good at, as they always seem to come back for more, either that or they simply find my advice amusing, I’m not altogether sure which.

As for hobbies I am an avid reader, devouring books like chocolate, for which I also have a penchant, as my waistline or lack thereof can attest. My love of book’s has helped me grow as a writer, and despite my early attempts at writing a story, resembling the ramblings of a less than articulate teenager, which consequently I was at the time, I feel I can now, with much stressing and stropping turn out a relatively good read, even if my Grammar is far from perfect, which might explain why one of my best friends also doubles up as a marvellous editor. Sadly he’ll not be getting his hands on my blog posts, before you guys get to set eyes on them, so you’ll have to forgive me for any errors, of which, I am sure there will be plenty.

When, I’m not reading or writing, I enjoy a good film, or a hot bath, and have even been known to belt out a tune or two, but never publicly, which is very much a good thing, or I’d be leaving a lot of traumatised people in my wake.

I’ve also been known to become pretty obsessed with computer games, and have had very serious addictions to the following, Second life, Sim’s, Dogz, piñata island, Animal crossing, Saints row 1 and 2, snake, bejewelled, mah-jong, and once this really addicted lady bug game, located on a very old computer I once owned. My currant addiction surprisingly is not Saints row 3, although that one gripped Dan quite badly, but a silly and very addictive little game on my iphone, called papi jump.

Although my outdoor activity has become limited of late due to mobility problems caused by the epidural I had when my son was born, I do enjoy a walk with our dogs. Well, I say walk, they walk, while I poodle along on my mobility scooter, but still it’s nice to be able to get out in the fresh air, even if I can no longer do it, under my own steam.

Dog’s, I love dog’s always have, and am very lucky to have three awesome boy’s. Harley de, who’s a bit of a Heinz 57, but resembles a black and white patterdale terrier, or Jack Russell, he’ll be 11 Christmas day, and has been with me all his life, poor fellow, Hooch, a Rottweiler who is about 8 years old now, and last but not least, our newest addition, Ludo, who is just 9 weeks old, and a blue Merle Border Collie pup. Who’ll be being trained as my service Job, to help keep me independent.

We also share our home with a very flirty Citron Cockatoo named Alfie, two gerbil’s named boomer and tanner, and lots of tropical fish.

Well, Dinner calls and seeing as I’m the one cooking it I should really get on, but thank you for reading.

Love and hugs