She lived, she loved, she wrote

The ramblings of a somewhat nutty writer

me, myself and I

Life can be both complex and messy, with way to many opportunities for making mistakes, but if we’re smart we can use those mistakes and the guidance of others to help us grow.

My own life has been a complex web of mistakes, not all of them my own, but then I suspect, the same can be said of most of us. In trying to get over past hurts and heartaches, I have hurt not only myself, but those closest to me, and yet despite that fact, my life is going pretty well. I have, after all, a loving husband, a beautiful son, and am lucky enough, along with my husband, to own the home, that we live in.

Money at times can be tight, but we make it through as a family, and are fortunate enough to even be able to treat ourselves, every once in a while.

Our priority’s sometimes get a little messed up, and we’re not always as good to each other as we perhaps should be, but we do love each other immensely.

Dan, my husband has been an immense support in my life, allowing me to stay at home and focus on my writing since we were married, which meant, when our son was born I just got a whole lot more responsibility, well we both did. Dan is a rare sort of guy these days, as he has a strong work ethic, and is incredibly loyal to both myself and our son.

Working for a window firm, he is out in all weathers and yet rarely complains, and even when sick, he does his best to stay at work, so that we don’t have to worry about money. I long for the day, when my books start to bring in a steady income, and hope, that should they do well, he’ll be able to take early retirement and enjoy the more laidback life style, I myself have been able to enjoy.

I don’t give Dan the appreciation he deserves as much as I should, and that’s something I hope to fix, I think in life it’s all too easy to be ready to snap, while forgetting to praise and that’s a habit I need to break, because I love my husband to much, to let him spend the rest of his life feeling unappreciated.

Now as my first post, I wanted to let you get to know me, I tend to be quite a deep thinker at times, but this skill often fail’s me when riled up, at which time, the words fly without pause for thought, the result being that I often say things I don’t mean in anger and am frequently full of regret for my actions. I am however, a very affectionate person, well when not riled, and love a good cuddle. I can also be a very good listener, and love helping my friends with their problems, something I must be pretty good at, as they always seem to come back for more, either that or they simply find my advice amusing, I’m not altogether sure which.

As for hobbies I am an avid reader, devouring books like chocolate, for which I also have a penchant, as my waistline or lack thereof can attest. My love of book’s has helped me grow as a writer, and despite my early attempts at writing a story, resembling the ramblings of a less than articulate teenager, which consequently I was at the time, I feel I can now, with much stressing and stropping turn out a relatively good read, even if my Grammar is far from perfect, which might explain why one of my best friends also doubles up as a marvellous editor. Sadly he’ll not be getting his hands on my blog posts, before you guys get to set eyes on them, so you’ll have to forgive me for any errors, of which, I am sure there will be plenty.

When, I’m not reading or writing, I enjoy a good film, or a hot bath, and have even been known to belt out a tune or two, but never publicly, which is very much a good thing, or I’d be leaving a lot of traumatised people in my wake.

I’ve also been known to become pretty obsessed with computer games, and have had very serious addictions to the following, Second life, Sim’s, Dogz, piñata island, Animal crossing, Saints row 1 and 2, snake, bejewelled, mah-jong, and once this really addicted lady bug game, located on a very old computer I once owned. My currant addiction surprisingly is not Saints row 3, although that one gripped Dan quite badly, but a silly and very addictive little game on my iphone, called papi jump.

Although my outdoor activity has become limited of late due to mobility problems caused by the epidural I had when my son was born, I do enjoy a walk with our dogs. Well, I say walk, they walk, while I poodle along on my mobility scooter, but still it’s nice to be able to get out in the fresh air, even if I can no longer do it, under my own steam.

Dog’s, I love dog’s always have, and am very lucky to have three awesome boy’s. Harley de, who’s a bit of a Heinz 57, but resembles a black and white patterdale terrier, or Jack Russell, he’ll be 11 Christmas day, and has been with me all his life, poor fellow, Hooch, a Rottweiler who is about 8 years old now, and last but not least, our newest addition, Ludo, who is just 9 weeks old, and a blue Merle Border Collie pup. Who’ll be being trained as my service Job, to help keep me independent.

We also share our home with a very flirty Citron Cockatoo named Alfie, two gerbil’s named boomer and tanner, and lots of tropical fish.

Well, Dinner calls and seeing as I’m the one cooking it I should really get on, but thank you for reading.

Love and hugs



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