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Blah days

Blah days, oh I have had so many of these recently and it is somewhat annoying considering how much I have to get done, but each and everyday I stare at the computer and I just cannot get focus. My Campnanowrimo word count is only just about 10 K which is pitiful considering that last year I had completely Nanowrimo in just 17 days. Then there is a press release I need to write up for a charity I offer my services too, free of charge of course, the Romanian Underdogs, their work is amazing you should really check them out, and then of course there is all the work I need to get done for  my publisher so that my first Novel Insane Reno can be published. 

The only item there is no strict deadline on is the press release, yet that is something that I feel should be done fast as well. I think a large part of the problem is due to my back being very bad at that moment, sitting at the computer for any length of time is very painful and short spurts at the desk then more time resting it, just doesn’t give me the time I need to truly get absorbed in what I am doing. 

I am starting to worry that I may be in a wheelchair sooner rather than later and it isn’t a pleasing prospect, that’s for sure, I guess I figured I would get a bit longer than this before it got so bad. Still I’ll  make do I always do, you can’t change it so getting down about it ain’t gonna make it any better. 

So pain is kicking in pretty bad now so I am going to head back to my comfy chair and try to ease it up a bit, take care all and have a good day. 

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Ready to begin, I think!

Ok so I am less than enthusiastic about getting started with Campnanowrimo, but I did finish reading the last of the Wolves of Mercy Falls by Maggie Stiefvater books which I very much enjoyed if you haven’t given it a go and you liked twilight it might be right up your street I really enjoyed it. So that is one less distraction for me as those books were really keeping me enthralled and it would have been hard for me to pull myself away from the in order to fulfil my Campnanowrimo daily word counts. 

Still though I am very much lacking in motivation so it is very much going to be a case of forcing myself to get going and stay going and what with my constant email checking and 5 year old son home, I get the feeling it may be a long and very tedious day. 

Still I just have to keep telling myself that it will all be worth it in the end. For all those taking part in campnanowrimo this year, I hope you are have a more enthusiastic start than I lol. 

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I may have lost the plot


So being the normal, sensible, sane person that I am, I decided on the spur of the moment, just day’s before the event itself that I would take part in Campnanowrimo. That would be fine if that was all I was doing this June, but with the new publishing deal on Insane Reno, my child off school for a week  and a selection of books to get through that could fill a small public library, in order to shake my husbands claim that I have an addiciton to buying kindle books. I get the feeling that this might have actually been a very silly idea, even if I did decide to do it for a good reason. ie to finish the prequel to Insane Reno, Annie.

Add to that the fact that I promised myself I would devote more time to my blog and the manic border collie pup, I have to keep entertained, I really do believe I have lost the plot lol.

Still what is life without a challenge right, I mean it’s only 50K in a month and I did complete the Nanowrimo 2011 in just 17 days, ok so I had a lot less on then but what the heck right. You never know if you don’t try. Sleep however may have to be put on hold for a while.

Is anyone else going to be taking part in campnanowrimo in June? If so good luck and I hope you fair better than I expect too lol.

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more on my publishing deal.

So as I told you on Wednesday Insane Reno is going to be published. For the last few day’s I have pretty much just been trying to process the fact that I am at last achieving my dream of having a novel published.

It is such a huge thing and something that so often I just didn’t feel capable of achieving, yet when I started to send it off to publishers and one agent, I received 3 acceptances and only one rejection. I was amazed, two of acceptances however just did not seem right for me and I finely settled on raven crest books, who has Dave Lyons running it.

I liked Dave from the off, he was very easy to talk to and made me feel instantly at ease, so all round it has been a very good experience.

I’m just having the contract checked out and we are discussing cover design and such so it is all very exciting at the moment.

I have always lacked faith in myself but was very lucky to have a very good support network around me, full of friends and family who had complete faith in me, which really helped so much.

When you book is finished looking for a publisher/ agent can be a very scary thing, but it is so rewarding when everything comes together and you have a publishing contract in front of you.

If you are looking for a publisher right now, or in the process of writing your book, just remember to keep you chin up and never stop trying. I realise I have been incredibly lucky to get so much interest in my book right off, but there are many writers out there, who have had a much harder time of it and still come out the other side smiling. So never give up.

love and hugs all

Joss xxx

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