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The Blake Sea Second life.

Yesterday I purchased a home in the Blake sea, a collection of  over a hundred Sim’s which SL Residence are relatively free to navigate. I have explored these Sims many time by sailboat, kayak and other water craft.

It is one of the few places on Second life where you can explore large area’s without fear of ban lines getting in the way. Still it pays to have a ban line hud if you are going up the inlets or close to others homes just to be safe.

There is always something going on on the Blake sea, be it a boat race, a battle between ships and/or planes or group exploration. Pirates, fighter jets, pleasure cruisers, scuba divers and explorers all share the same water happily, but this does require an amount of respect, so ask before joining in with any RP, be careful not to get int he way of races that are taking place, and don’t go ploughing through smaller vessels.

you can view second lifes official code of conduct for the Blake sim’s here…

Now the first thing you need when coming to the blake sea, is somewhere to rez, there are lots of great places to rez on the Blake sea, but the best I have found for both planes and boats is Hawser

you’ll land in water here, but in the NE corner of this sim there is the USS victor which is a large aircraft carrier which I am pretty sure is a permanet feature for all to use, apologies if I am wrong, I’ve never had much luck with sl Planes so haven’t used it Personally.

USS Victor

There are a whole host of airports if you like more space. Just be careful you don’t end up like the plane wreck on the nearby sirens island 🙂

My fav methord of transport on the Blake sea is the Galiko single person kayak pictured about with the USS Victor and the plane crash. This Kayak allows me to get in close to things, affords good control and I personally find it a relaxing way to explore.

You can purchase one for 1000 lindons on market place here…

well let’s get to the exploring…

 A handy tip to remember when it comes to the Blake sea is that there are Rez zones in the NE corner of most of the open sea sims.

 While exploring I came across a place called Honah Lee Field, which is a full Rez sim and I popped out of my kayak to have a look at the planes here,  this little purple plane at only 500 lindons proved to much of a temptation for me, so I am set to start trying the sl flying life, failing in that I have a pretty display piece, to join my rarely used helicopter. (rarely used but very easy to fly, I might add, it’s only rarely used as I prefer the water.)

Next door to my plane purchase I found a sim called sailors rest again a full rez sim, this one allowing guest to dock there boat for an hour and relax in there bar.

you can also get info on local races here, so if your interested in the racing aspect of these sims this should be on your list of to do.

 Well that’s enough exploring for now as I have classes to attend, but there is so much to see on the Blake sea Sims and I will be back to show you more soon. But for now…

Home sweet Home.

 look out for me on the Blake sims, My avatar name is Jossie Tyrellium. Take care and have a good day xx

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